Sunday, December 22, 2013

Changing Litecoin into money

Litecoin LogoYou may have noticed that cryptocurrencies went crazy in last weeks , with a Bitcoin to over $ 1000 .

I think it's too late to start Bitcoin mining , and even Litecoin. However I mined a few Litecoin there some time, and I wondered how exchange them now .

I looked for sites to do it, and I decided to share the adresses I tested and have worked for me.


First step , mine the Litecoin :
I think it is not worth mining now given the current difficulty, but for your information , I have mined my Litecoin with the following two pool which are still active : a small PPLNS pool : a big PPS pool

Changing Litecoin into Bitcoin.
There are many exchange market. I tested and received my Bitcoin with following sites:

For my transfer, I didn't wanted to use the site systems to make transfers to a bank, because I do not want to give my bank details. So I transferred my bitcoins on my computer, and I tried find a Bitcoin site paying through PayPal.

Transforming Bitcoins currency :
The site I found can buy very small amounts of Bitcoins and paid them on Paypal account.
It is, where I sold 0.06 BTC for 41$ in November.

I do not know how much was lost in fees made ​​by each of these intermediates, but at least I got something.

Raspberry Pi power consumption - eleventh month

Power consumption is 1,6 kWh for november, without any surprise.
Total power comsuption since the begining of the year is 18,7 kWh.

I had some problems with the automatic change of IP address with my provider,Orange. But I now have a stable script that works to manage IP changes with OVH dynhost Service.

I still have some short downtime, but nothing serious, since my uptime is 99.88%.

The return to a more reliable service has enabled 1,537 users to visit the teapot in November.

crédit photo: Par Benjamin Stäudinger (Lightning #3  Uploaded by ComputerHotline) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons