Sunday, November 11, 2012

How to control the Raspberry Pi from Windows: SSHputty

Sometime your Raspberry Pi (or another Linux computer) is not physically accessible and that you can't connect any keyboard or screen. It may occurs when it is enclosed in a teapot.

It is necessary in this situation to find tools to drive it from another computer, connected in the same network.

I therefore suggest you to use the SSH (Secure Shell) service with the client software SSHputty

Activate SSH
To use this tool, the SSH  service should be active. It is activated by default in Raspbian. But if necessary it is very easy to turn it on, just call the command "sudo Raspi-config"

The following menu appears and then allows to enable the SSH service.


This is an SSH client that allows you to control any system compatible with SSH command line from a Windows PC.

After installing and running it, just chose the Raspberry Pi with its IP address (and port 22) and click on "Open" button

A command line interface will appear and ask for the username and password.

You can then control the Raspberry Pi with the command line interface, but not start the GUI.

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