Sunday, January 20, 2013

A bug on the teapot - Firefox Debugging tools

I received an email from a visitor telling me there is a bug on the site of my teapot.
In summary, he told me that the debugger says him that my teapot it returns him a code 200 instead of a 418 code.

But how to check the presence of this bug by myself? I explored the development tools in the Firefox menu to find the option "Web Developer / Web Console".

This tool displays some technical informations about the current page in a banner that appears at the bottom (remember to refresh the page if nothing is displayed)

Indeed, the return code 200 is the code sent after a HTTP request accepted by the server. My teapot hosting a web server, it returns this return code when you visit my page.

It is also noticed traces of my usage of Google Analytics with this tool.

Now that I'm aware of this failure, I'll try to find a way to return a true 418 code in a future post.


  1. It also seems that the server doesn't accept the BREW method.

    I find the implementation of HTCPCP lacking.

    1. Hi,
      Thank you for your comment, the first comment on this blog!
      I know this issue, and I have saw some BREW query attempt on the server log. Maybe yours.
      I'll plan to try to find an solution, maybe by modifying the source of an web server.

      Best regards

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