Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Leap Motion Unboxing

My first off topic post: Leap Motion.

For those who never have heard about, it is a revolutionary human-machine interface supposed to allow controls like in "Minority Report" (the movie, not the K. Dick novel).

I pre-ordered some time ago and got it today. I just tested again, and the usage is not obvious. While waiting for a more complete review of the product, I share here's my unbowing session.

Coming from a Fedex envelope Fedex from Czech Republic (shipped 07-24, received 07-29)

Protected by a thin layer of foam.

Here is the Leap boxe:

A word just pretentious "Welcome to a whole new world". It specifies the URL where to download the software and drivers (no CD in the box).

The Leap Motion itself, with a sticker to remind the URL.

Two USB cables below (one 50cm and 150cm)

Leap Motion connected (does not work if the sticker is left)

No time to say more tonight. I'll test, and I post again.

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