Thursday, October 25, 2012

Error 418 - I'm a Teapot

I start this blog about my personal project around the famous 418 error code. My goal is to improve my technical skills and to train my english language with a fun project.

This error code is specified in then HTCPCP protocol, referenced in RFC 2324 of the IETF. This RFC, published April 1, 1998, is obviously a joke, but is an interesting start point.

This document, is written with a very technical style like other RFC and describes a control protocol for coffee pot. It provides a complete set of queries and error codes, including the famous code 418 intended to be returned in the case where a user would attempt to brew coffee with a teapot.

So I decided to start a small geek project: implementation of the HTCPCP protocol, at least the 418 error.

Yes, I want to connect a teapot over the Internet.

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