Friday, October 26, 2012

Specifications and requirements

Like any project, this project will start with an initiating phase. What I want exactly do, and how will I do it?

For the first version of this project, I don't want to be too ambitious. The teapot will be a simple web server hosting an Error 418 html page. Maybe it can host the blog too, but I'm not sure it will be a good idea.

Hardware specifications
The hardware system is divided in two parts:
-the teapot
-the server

The teapot
The teapot have to be small enough to have an good WAF. A to bad WAF may cancel the entire project.
The teapot have to be big enough to support the server.
The teapot don't need to be used to brew tea.

The server
The teapot-server will be hosted at home, with my personnal Internet connection.
It will use an Ethernet connexion, as I don't like wifi.

Software specifications
Operating system and software may be open source, but it's not an strict constaint.

The budget for this project will be between 50€ and 100€ for buying hardware parts (including teapot and server) and domain name reservation.

The deadline for the project is 2012-12-21: I really want to plug the teapot-server before the end of the world.

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