Monday, October 29, 2012

Domains Names Reservation

I never reserved any domains before this project and I was surprised to look that domains are not so expensive that I thought.

For 7,16€, I can reserve an domain adress for one year.

Another question I had about domain reservation was the Whois registration. I haven't any terrible secret to hide, but I dont want to show my physical adress to the entiere world. I have found the OwO (OVH Whois Obfuscateur) service form the OVH provider. With that service, only my name can be showed in the whois server, and the postal adress is the adress of the registar.

With that price and services (and too much enthousiasm) I have decided to buy not 1 but 5 domain names:
  • (maybe for a french version of this blog)
and beacause I'm a bit crazy, 2 less good domains
Impact on the budget: -35,80€

Domain name activation was very quick, but I'll will explain their configuration in another post.

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