Saturday, October 27, 2012

Looking for the right server platform

At this point, I'm thinking about 3 solutions for the server solution:
  1. Reuse my old Toshiba Libretto 70CT: I realy like this awesome tiny machine but I dont use it any more. It's a true laptop with a Pentium processor running Windows 95. I Only need to find a 16 bits PCMCIA network interface but I'm not sure it can fit in a Teapot.

  2. Buying an Raspberry Pi. This fashion card seems to be supported by a big community. I'm sure it can be a good, and more modern solution, but it's still difficult to find those cards.

  3. Building an OpenWRT solution based on an TP-LINK router like the MR3020 or the MR11U. Cheap, easy to find and supported by the community of PirateBoxes projects.

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